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Architecture, Project- en Vendormanagement

Architecture, Project and Vendor Management implements major IT changes within Accell Group. Realizing IT that provides optimum support for the business processes and ensures consistency between the various IT applications.
IT needs identified by Accell companies or other IT departments are translated into an IT solution and implementation plan, within this department. Always together with the business owner and the other IT departments that will manage the IT services after implementation.

The department consists of 3 teams employing approximately 15 people.



The Architects team of Accell IT is responsible for the entire overview of the IT landscape. New IT applications are reviewed against a number of agreed principles to ensure that the system functions smoothly and that any changes can be implemented without affecting other elements of the IT landscape. To achieve this, they create a map of the required AIT landscape together with the required steps. They also establish the principles the new IT components must comply with and are closely involved with projects that impact the selection of new business critical applications as well as the Architecture. The Architecture of Accell IT is among other things based on Cloud, SAAS and standardisation principles rather than customized.

The Group wide replacement of the ERP system is an interesting puzzle for the IT-Architecture.


Accell IT’s project managers realize major IT changes within Accell Group, in a controlled and transparent manner. This can involve the replacement of software or hardware or the implementation of new IT components to improve business processes. Given the diversity of these projects, the project managers work with practically all the different business units within the Accell Group; from the factory processes to the financial systems and the IT systems the bicycle dealers use in their shops. Projects are generally carried out for, and in partnership with, the various international Accell organisations. The project management department works with the PRINCE2 methodology and increasingly with agile project management methods. Project Management Support facilitates and monitors processes and deliverables.

With the introduction of Autostore in our Apeldoorn warehouse, we were one of the first companies in the Netherlands with a fully automated warehouse.


Vendor management is responsible for effective contract management within Accell IT. This is achieved through: management of the current overview of contracts and any actions that must be taken, drawing up of standardised contract terms and conditions for Accell IT, improving contract terms and conditions during negotiations and creating templates for the most commonly used types of contract.

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With the introduction of Autostore, Accell now has one of the first fully automated warehouses in the Netherlands.