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Information Management

Information Management identifies the wishes and needs of the users of our IT systems. By identifying, interpreting and translating these needs into IT services, the department ensures that the IT services provided by Accell IT meet the requirements of Accell Group. Information Management not only analyses the views of the users but also keeps the Accell Group strategy in mind and thinks in terms of standardization of new innovative solutions. Because of this approach we provide optimal synergy.


Functional Application Management

The Functional Application Management team is the point of contact for Accell employees worldwide who may have questions and requirements with regard to IT systems and processes. This team is the link between end users and IT suppliers within and outside of Accell IT. The team tests newly developed software or functionalities based on the specifications developed in cooperation with users within the Accell Group. They also ensure that the new software is commissioned and that the users are aware of all the required process changes and stages. This happens in close cooperation with their business counterpart at Accell Group.

By digitising the invoicing process worldwide we save considerable time, as well as over one hundred thousand euros in mailing costs annually.

Functional Application Management
Business Consultants

Accell IT’s Business Consultants are a key linking pin between IT and Accell Group. By regularly visiting the various Accell organisations worldwide they know what is going on both in the area of IT and in general business processes. Accell IT uses this knowledge to create optimum IT solutions, improving processes and saving costs. The Business Consultants encourage knowledge sharing between the different Accell organisations by identifying opportunities to deploy IT solutions in multiple organisations. Creating the best possible solution together with these different business counterparts.

Supporting the streamlining of processes worldwide has led to efficiency gains and ensures an easier implementation of major IT changes in the future.

Business Consultants

The trainers educate and instruct people on how to use the various IT systems provided by Accell IT. IT systems becomes more valuable and efficient to users, once they are shown the various possibilities of a system through training courses, webinars or user manuals. Training courses vary from courses on how to use Office to the new ERP system and everything in between.

The direct contact with end users worldwide and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the way people work is what makes training at Accell so rewarding.

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Focus on optimal use of our IT systems

We optimise the use of our IT systems by offering the users training courses and handbooks which focus as much as possible on the way systems are used in their day-to-day work