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Department Operations provides IT services and support to enable Accell employees to carry out their job efficiently and in a secured environment. These services are: the network, work stations, systems, mobile phones, IT Security measures and the Service Desk, which provides primary support to all Accell Group employees worldwide. The fundamental processes are continuously assessed and optimised by Service Management.

Operations consists of 4 teams employing a total of approximately 25 people.



Team Workspace is responsible for all IT related equipment within Accell Group. This is where the equipment is purchased, maintained and supplied to the employees. The team consults with the Accell organisations to determine and anticipate the employees’ IT requirements. This includes user equipment such as PCs, laptops and phones, including accessories, as well as equipment for meeting rooms and mobile phone contracts.


Team Infra manages all back-end systems as well as Accell’s network. All applications and IT systems used at Accell Group are managed and kept running here. The department is responsible for the actual implementation of systems and updates for users, as commissioned by the IT department or a project. The team is currently working on moving the on-premise environment to the Cloud, centralising systems and changing to agile working methods. The team is responsible for the design, development and management of our new Cloud environment.

Our good infrastructure provides for a smoothly functioning IT landscape.

IT Security

IT offers many opportunities, but it must be secured to protect Accell’s company assets, as well as the reputation and privacy of our employees and customers. Are we protected against hackers? Do we have any backups in case of a fire? Are all employees aware of their responsibility regarding the security of information? Do we comply with the regulations? IT Security issues IT security guidelines for the entire Accell Group and monitors and checks Accell’s compliance. The team also monitors the IT systems and any third party attacks.

Service Desk

The Service Desk is the first point of contact for Accell employees for all their IT related questions and issues. The staff at the Service Desk will assist their colleagues immediately whenever possible, or the issue may be reported to one of the other departments at Accell IT. Accell companies worldwide can contact the Service Desk, either through the service desk portal or by telephone.

As Service Desk employees we are regularly asked some unexpected and interesting questions by our colleagues worldwide.

Service Desk

This is what we do

Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policy describes Accell’s IT security standard. The employees are informed about the ways in which they can contribute through an awareness campaign.


We are building the new Cloud infrastructure in Azure.


We monitor our environment and network 24/7 for proactive management and quick incident resolution.